Friday, November 14, 2008

screw compressor-initial start procedure

1. Run driver up to speed without load as follows:

  • disconnect coupling between driver and gear
  • pump driver and check rotation
  • run driver up to speed, checking for undue noise and vibration

2. Run driver and gear.

  • disconnect coupling between gear and compressor
  • check alignment between driver and gear
  • connect coupling between driver and gear
  • start lube oil pump and check pressures and flows to gear
  • pump driver and check gear rotation
  • run driver and gear up to speed, checking for undue noise and vibration

3. Run in compressor on gas as follows:
  • Install temporary wire screens at the joint between the compressor and inlet silencer to catch any weld berries, slag or dirt remaining in the pipe. Screen information is found at the back of this section. Remove screen before putting unit into service.
  • Bar compressor over by hand to check for freeness. If any metal- rubbing-on metal sounds are detected in the compressor, determine the cause and correct the same before starting. Use strap wrench to bar compressor.
  • Check alignment between the gear and the compressor. Couple compressor to gear.
  • Turn on buffering gas and/or other sealing fluid to compressor.
  • Start main oil pump and check flows and pressures to bearings. Oil temperature should be 16 C to 27 C before starting unit.
  • Make sure process shutoff valve and bypass valve are open.
  • Run driver for a period just long enough to bring the unit up to approx. ¼ speed, trip off driver and observe the unit while it coasts to a stop to make sure there is no undue vibration or noise. Bar unit over again to check for freeness.
  • Start driver and bring unit up to speed. Do not operate for more than two minutes with zero discharge pressure.
  • Gradually close down on the bypass valve and bring unit up to 50% of discharge temperature over a period of 15 minutes. (if applicable) Run for 30 minutes at above condition and observe operation of unit and auxiliary equipment. Check for any unusual vibration or noise.
  • Stop driver and let unit coast to a stop.
  • Bar unit over to check for freeness.
  • Check inlet screen and clean if necessary
  • Continue to operate unit for 30 minute interval until inlet screen is no longer picking up dirt
  • Always turn injection water off immediately before shutting off main driver. (if applicable)

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