Saturday, October 18, 2008

multistaging with inter cooling

It is not always desirable or possible to achieve the required rise in pressure in a single compression stage. In multistaging gas discharge from the first stage is cooled in the inter cooler up to suction temperature of the first stage before going to the second stage. This is called as perfect intercooling.

Advantages of multistaging:

1. Good volumetric efficiency as compression is done in more than one stage and hence compression ratio is controlled.
2. Lower discharge temperature and hence selection of material of construction for cylinder and its components and results in smaller size of subsequent stages.
3. Reduced work of compression, as due to intercooling, compression is closer to isothermal (gives rise to minimum work of compression). This results in to saving of power and smaller sizes of subsequent stages.
4. Limits pressure differential. This reduces excess strains in the frame.

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